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We pray and trust that God will speak to you through these messages.

Pastor Simon Bacher
Pastor Simon Bacher

  ** Messages are listed newest to oldest **  
Date Title Speaker
07/12/2014 Healing & Sin Simon Bacher
30/11/2014 Who Needs Rules? Simon Bacher
09/11/2014 Faith Works Simon Bacher
26/10/2014 Life is a Journey Tim Hosking
06/10/2013 Chill Out, People! Don Collins
16/04/2012 Blind Faith Simon Bacher
18/03/2012 The Steps of a Good Man Simon Bacher
05/02/2012 What's in a Name? Simon Bacher
01/01/2012 Work, Play, Pray Simon Bacher
04/12/2011 Pitching Tents Simon Bacher
21/11/2010 More Secrets to Joy Simon Bacher
24/10/2010 Finding Joy Simon Bacher
26/09/2010 First Things First Simon Bacher
22/08/2010 The Pursuit of Happiness Simon Bacher

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