Various Messages

from Don

This is a page where various messages by Don can be listened to and downloaded.  Guaranteed to cure insomnia.
To download a message to your computer, right-click the title and choose 'Save As'.
I pray and trust that God will speak to you through these messages, in spite of the speaker.

Date Title Location Comment
(unknown) Christians, Christianity and Social Relevance Gawler Baptist Church Late 80's or early 90's
12/1/2003 Waiting on God Hewett Community Church
18/7/2006 The Spark of Revival is in You Balaklava Family Church
24/12/2006 In the Fulness of Time Balaklava Family Church
22/08/2010 Making Space for God Hope Chapel
21/07/2013 Who Needs Revival Anyway? Hope Chapel
06/10/2013 Chill Out, People! Lighthouse Ministries Moonta
18/07/2021 Be Silent, Be Still Hope Central, Elizabeth
21/08/2021 Growing Pains, Jonah-Chapter 2 Hope Central Younique, Elizabeth

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